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Neeld Estate TORNADO

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

I will be adding more info and photos soon. 
Checkout the Neeld Estate Facebook page for up to the minute info.
If you have photos, video or comments you wish to share post it on our community Facebook page.
Tornado Path NOAA.jpg

Tornado Timeline from NOAA



Location... in Calvert Co MD
Date...Tue Aug 4 2020
Estimated Time...7:33 AM EDT to 7:37 AM EDT
Maximum EF-Scale Rating...EF-1
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed...90 mph
Maximum Path Width...100 yards
Path Length...1.7 miles
Beginning Lat/Lon...38.615/-76.512
Ending Lat/Lon...38.627/-76.542
* Fatalities...0
* Injuries...0

Staff from NOAA's National Weather Service Baltimore/Washington DC Weather Forecast Office in Sterling, VA, performed a survey of storm damage that occurred the morning of August 4, 2020, in Calvert County, Maryland. At 7:33 AM EDT, an EF-1 tornado came onshore at Plum Point near Beach Drive – approximately 5 miles east of Huntingtown, MD. The tornado moved west along Shore Drive, uprooting numerous trees and snapping and twisting others. A large tree halfway along Shore Drive fell on a house, causing structural damage. The tornado proceeded to move to the end of Shore Drive and shifted southwest along Ridge Road causing trees to snap about 20 feet up and fall in multiple directions. Some trees that were snapped were
a foot and a half in diameter.

The tornado then moved across Plum Point Creek and the grassy wetlands toward Tobacco Road. A swath of trees had their tops broken off east of Tobacco Road and fell mainly in a south to west direction.

The tornado then proceeded up Tobacco Road near Tobacco Lane, and moved northward towards Breezy Point Road. Peak winds in the tornado were estimated to have reached 90 mph here. Over 30 trees were uprooted, and some were broken in half. A house had a tree fall on it along the Tobacco Road area, and windows were blown in on another house. Tobacco Road had over 10 trees fall westward over the road along with multiple power poles. A 75 to 100 yard path of tree damage was observed east of Tobacco Road with trees falling in multiple directions. The area of Tobacco Road from Pinewood Terrace
to Tobacco Lane became impassable due to the tree and power line damage, and the Breezy Point area became cut off from the main road.

The tornado moved west after passing Breezy Point Road and caused numerous trees to fall along Route 261/Bayside Road near Bristol Drive. A large tree near the intersection of Route 261 and Bristol Drive fell on a house. The tree damage path was observed up to 50 to 75 feet down the north end of Bristol Drive. The tornado  weakened after passing the intersection of Bristol Drive and Route 261 and ended at 7:37 AM EDT.

The National Weather Service would like to thank Calvert County’s Department of Public Safety and Office of Emergency Management for assisting with our damage survey.

Hilltop House Tornado Damage Photos  


Tree Removal Permits Temporarily Suspended Due to Tropical Storm Isaias

 August 9, 2020

News Release, Calvert County Public Information Office


PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. –Aug. 7, 2020–The Calvert County Department of Planning & Zoning has temporarily suspended tree removal permits now through Friday, Aug. 21. Citizens are not required to obtain a permit to dispose of downed trees caused by Tropical Storm Isaias during this time. Citizens should take photos of the downed trees prior to removal and call a tree removal company or take proper precautions to safely remove debris.

Citizens can contact Planning & Zoning at 410-535-2348 or for questions or permit information. If there is a soil disturbance, including grading issues, residents can contact the Soil Conservation District Office at 410-535-1521, ext. 3.

The county has launched a hurricane resource center on its website to share the latest updates, guidance and resources in response to Tropical Storm Isaias. Residents, employees and media are encouraged to regularly monitor the page and use the resources available at

Public Works to Offer Free Residential Storm Debris Disposal

Due to the large amount of downed trees and yard debris caused by Tropical Storm Isaias, the Calvert County Solid Waste Division will allow citizens to drop off un-bagged leaves, shrubs, branches and logs no larger than 5 feet in length, for free to the Barstow Convenience Center and Appeal Landfill. Debris drop off will be available beginning Friday, Aug. 7 through Sunday, Aug. 23, Monday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Citizens are required to wear face masks and practice safe social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Staff will be on site to assist citizens with unloading debris. Firewood will not be accepted.

This event is for residents only. All commercial customers are advised that chargeable rates will apply and debris can only be disposed of at the Appeal Landfill. After Aug. 23, citizens can only drop off tree and yard debris at the Appeal Landfill, but will be charged a disposal fee. Citizens can visit for landfill and convenience center locations, hours of operation and accepted materials. 

The county has launched a hurricane resource center on its website to share the latest updates, guidance and resources in response to Tropical Storm Isaias. Residents, employees and media are encouraged to regularly monitor the page and use the resources available at

Hilltop House Updates

October 23, 2021 from Sue Coffey

The Kitchen looks to be about 90% done, the cabinets were painted this week and the hardware has been replaced.  It looks like all of the counter tops & splash rails are in place.  The Bar has been put back in it's place [Yea}. All of the new screens have been installed.  I'm guessing that the next step is to finish the bathroom, which looks to be almost done.  We're hoping that maybe the cleaning crew will be able to get in to do a final cleaning sometime in early November - depending on the county passing the inspection.  Not sure when they plan to inspect - that could delay us, but everything else seems to be at a finishing state.   As soon as we know about the inspection I'll let you know.


That's all for now 


August 30, 2021 from Eve Shoemaker 

Here is an update on our Hilltop House...

They were FINALLY able to get our framing inspection which was followed last week by the insulation inspection.

Starting tomorrow the drywall will be put back up and then the painting of the walls along with the kitchen cabinets will begin.  

The plumber will come back out and hook up our dishwasher and faucets and then the new counter tops will be put in place and lastly the new wood floors will be installed.  

They are shooting for the project to be completed by the end of September!!! Yaaaaay!  

August 26, 2021
 Some news about the Hilltop House from Sue Coffey : 


Finally some good news about the Hilltop House, you remember that place where we had meetings and parties - the porch is up, the windows are in, the siding is on, the roof is finished and the gutters went up today.  As I understand it next is the inspection.  When it passes that, they will start on the inside.

  Soon I hope

That's all for now, I'll let you know when I know.


Sue Coffey

Hilltop Chairman

HILLTOP HOUSE update from Sue Coffey - July 11, 2021

Hi Folks, I guess you’re wondering what is going on with the Hilltop House - well it seems we had a glitch and all work stopped. When our electrical system was inspected, there was a question about our zoning. The inspector thought we should be commercial not residential. The powers that be decided to leave us residential, so now we have to have the inspector back to finish his job and then we can get our permit to put up the siding and finish the roof.

We have already decided and ordered the flooring and counter tops. Once the outside is finished and inspected then we will see the work go much faster [hopefully].

I’ll let you know when the outside is finished by then we should have a better time frame as to a completion date.

That’s all for now.

Sue Coffey

Hilltop Chairman

July 11, 2021

HILLTOP HOUSE update from Sue Coffey - March 21, 2021

Hi Folks,

I’m sure you’re wondering what is going on with our Hilltop House since the tornado.

Well here’s what I know up to now.

We have a brand new roof which was installed on March 3rd and the name of the color is Nickel Gray. They have ordered siding to match what is already there. There was not enough damage to the siding to replace it all, so it will be matched. All of the frame work for the new porch is in place, just waiting for the siding.

I’m sure that once the outside is completed and power restored the remodeling will really take off.

We have not been given a completion date as yet, but when we do I’ll let you know. If you have questions and you see me out with my dog, feel free to ask - I may not have an answer, but I’ll try to get one for you.

Sue Coffey

Hilltop House Chairperson 

March 21, 2021

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