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July 4, 2020

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Thank you to everyone that helped with this years Neeld Estate 4th of July Parade. 

Thank you Shirley for getting the parade started with the Pledge of Allegiance, thanks to Brett & Maryanne for the 'Goody Bags' for the children and for your helpers the day of the parade, thanks to my grandchildren for helping me mark the roads the night before for "Social Distancing" during the parade, and to everyone that participated in this years parade... a BIG THANK YOU.

Even though we weren't able to have our normal festivities I think the parade was spectacular!

Dorothy Oliver, NECA 4th of July chairperson

Thank you Eve for your Easter Surprise. . . You Rock!
Eve painted these small rocks that she found on our beach and placed them all around the neighborhood.


Thank you to everyone that came out and supported our community event.  And a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that made it all happen. Lots of prizes, good food and so much fun.


 President - Eve Shoemaker             

 1st V. President - Danny Bauer

 2nd V. President - Brett Reeves

 Secretary - Kari Logan

 Treasurer - Kim Phillips

NECA Standing Committees

Hilltop House - Sue Coffey

Roads & Drainage - Danny Bauer

Sunshine - Eve Shoemaker

Beach - Jay Geest

Membership - Pam Slaughter

Neighborhood Watch - Sandy Geest

Welcome - Eve Shoemaker

Mosquito Control - Keith Griffith

"It's volunteers that make an extra effort every day to strengthen our relationships in the community and help make Neeld Estate a wonderful place to live"

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The Neeld Estate Beach is PRIVATELY OWNED by the Neeld family and can only 
be used by Residents of Neeld Estate and their Guests.  

Anyone else is TRESPASSING on Private Property 
"Violators will be prosecuted by authority of Plum Point Corp." 
(Posted on the signs leading to the beach)


The entrances to the beach are for loading and unloading your vehicle. 
Please replace the chains when you leave.

Please take the time to read the signs posted at the entrances to the beach
and please be a good neighbor and follow the rules as they are posted.
This sign was posted by Plum Point Development Corp., 

the Neeld family owns the beach)



A Beach Committee has been formed to address the issues of

trespassers parking on private property and using the beach.


Chips Towing - 410-257-6121 or 301-855-8343

Rod'n'Reel Weather Station

Chesapeake Beach, MD 


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