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Please drive gently and cautiously through the community and always anticipate that the 'little people' are fixed on having fun and are not looking out for the 'big people in cars'.

Nearly 95% of the land
in Maryland drains to
the Chesapeake Bay

The Neeld Estate beach is PRIVATELY OWNED by the Neeld family and can only be used by Residents of Neeld Estate and their Guests Anyone else is TRESPASSING on Private Property "Violators will be prosecuted by authority of Plum Point Corp."
(Posted on the signs leading to the beach)

WARNING: NO PARKING at the Beach Entrances
Chips Towing - 410-257-6121 or 301-855-8343

Please take the time to read the signs posted at the entrances to the beach... and please be a good neighbor and follow the rules as they are posted.

(This sign was posted by Plum Point Development Corp.,
(the Neeld family owns the beach)
Attention Dog Walkers:
"If your dog leaves it. . . Please Retrieve it"  SCOOP the POOP - It's A Law
Help keep our pets from polluting the Bay.  Pet Waste is one of the major contributors to Bay pollution.  The "Mutt Mitt" Doggie Bag Dispensers have been installed, one at each of the main entrances to the beach. Hopefully this will encourage all dog walkers to pick up after their pets.
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