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The NEELD ESTATE July 4th PARADE & CELEBRATION is fast approaching.

Here's some info for you:


DATE: Tuesday, July 4th


TIME:  Parade starts at 10:00 am, line-up at 9:45 am on Bay Blvd & Bay Parkway             

            The Huntingtown Fire Department will be part of our parade again this year.

            Motorized Vehicles -  line-up on Bay Parkway (starting at the stop sign) 

            Please leave room for the fire equipment to get by.


FESTIVITIES:  Begin after the Parade at Patricia Press's yard - end of Bay Parkway.


FLAG CEREMONY will start our celebration



   Most Patriotic

   Most Original

   Best Group

   Environmental / Chesapeake Bay

   Best Girl - young & older

   Best Boy - young & older

   Best Pet - Dog | Small, Large

   Best Wheels (children) - Bicycle, Wagon, Other? 

   Judges Choice

   Best Motorized Vehicle   


Prizes are awarded for Parade entries. . .  so start planning - decorate your bikes, vehicles, 

dress-up, be creative, most of all... have fun!

Remember to slow down when passing the Parade Judges so they can make their selections.



GAMES - (Shirley Surgent has once again VOLUNTEERED

              to run the games - she will need volunteers to help)






     TUG 'O' WAR - on the beach



VOLUNTEERS are still needed. 

   Food Table - someone to monitor the tables. 

   Games - help is needed with each of the games


HOT DOGS will be available - by donation.






PINATA - for the younger children will be held in Dottie Lawson's yard under the 

shade tree.


50-50 RAFFLE - take a chance... you might be the big winner!


FOOD TABLE - Donations of non-perishable finger foods are needed. Cookies, 

  Cupcakes, Brownies, Snacks, Fruit(sliced). Water Bottles, Children's Drinks, etc. 

  Money donations are always appreciated.


We will once again have a Self Service - PHOTO BOOTH - (it was lots of fun last year) 

Grab a Prop and Strike a Pose! Use your cell phone or bring a camera.


This is a very large community event and VOLUNTEERS are always needed 

throughout the day, so please offer to help.  Even if you don't sign-up to
just pitch in where ever help is needed. 


CLEAN-UP -  Please pick-up any trash when you see it and remember, Patricia was

kind enough to let us use her yard for our celebration, so let's keep her yard clean.


Don't forget your Sunscreen!


It's going to be a FUN DAY!! 

Come join us!! 


Dorothy Oliver, chairperson

Neeld Estate's July 4th Parade & Celebration

Thank You... Thank You... Thank You

to all who helped make our annual 4th of July celebration a huge success!


It takes a lot of VOLUNTEERS to make this event happen and I want to THANK EVERYONE that helped.

Thanks to the Huntingtown VFD for once again participating in our parade. We LOVE having you!
Thanks to my family for trying to move Patricia's car from under her house the night before - we tried!
Thanks to Brent, Brett and Don for bringing the tables and chairs from Hilltop House.
Thanks to Pam & her granddaughters for all of the help with cleaning before and after,
and setting up early in the morning.
Thanks to Sandy Geest and the Parade Judges... Great Job!
I can't THANK Shirley enough for taking charge of the games. Great job as always!
Thanks to Jay G. & Don for supplying and cooking the hot dogs.
You guys are the Neeld Estate Grillmasters !!
Mary F. your chili was awesome... lots of compliments - Thank You
Thanks to Mike & Lynn for the Snow Cones - Always a BIG Hit!
Thank you Jeanne for setting up & overseeing the food table

Jake - you did a fine job with the flag! So proud of you.
Thank you Judy for the use of your yard for the children's Pinata.
Thank you Annie for the Pinata and to all of the many helpers that assisted you.
The children had so much fun.
Betsy - you're the Best Face Painter ever - Thank You
Eve - can't thank you enough for all of your help and for cutting up all of those watermelons
and for selling the 50-50.
Thank You Glynn & the Bauer family for supplying the ice for the coolers and the snow cones.
Jay C. - a very BIG Thank You for the sound system. What a difference it made!
Thank you to all of our wonderful neighbors who donated food, drinks and money. Much appreciated.
The hardest part of the day is the CLEAN-UP.... To all of the many volunteers that helped...
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help.
Thank you Kari for cleaning up the trash from Patricia's yard. 
Thanks to Haley for cleaning the sand off of the tables and chairs and to Brent, Brett, Billy,
Don, Eve, Glynn and Haley
for hauling everything back to Hilltop House. (Did I miss anyone?)
Brent - Thank You for taking all of the garbage to the dump.
The biggest THANK YOU to Patricia for letting us use her yard. She welcomes us year after year.
I know I may have forgotten many of you that helped and I'm sincerely sorry for that. 
I hope everyone had fun and enjoyed the day.

Dorothy Oliver, 4th of July chairperson
'Keeping the Neeld Estate Traditions Alive'

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