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NECA July 4 2018 Celebration  - THANK YOU'S

I just wanted to THANK everyone who helped with our July 4th celebration this year. It takes many volunteers to make this event happen and I couldn’t have done it without the many volunteers who donated their time and efforts.


Patricia Press– THANK YOU for once again letting us use your yard.


Glynn Shoemaker—THANK YOU for getting the tent for us and to you and your many helpers for setting up and taking down the tent. It saved the day due to the high heat.


Sandy Geest— THANK YOU for selecting the judges for the parade.


Huntingtown Fire Department- THANK YOU for participating in our parade again this year. We love having you.


Shirley Surgent—THANK YOU for starting the parade and for organizing the games, purchasing the eggs and filling the water balloons. We appreciate all that you do!


Jay Geest and Rick Mason—THANK YOU for cooking the hot dogs. Jay, thank you for your donation of the hot dogs and rolls.


Jay Collins—THANK YOU for the sound system, for the great music and for being our DJ for the day. Marvelous job!!


Mike & Lynn Plitt—THANK YOU for the snow cones!!! They were a lifesaver in that heat. You go out of your way every year for your neighbors and we thank you.


Brent Golden-THANK YOU for all of the trouble you had finding ice for the snow cones on the 4th. Much appreciated.


Matt King– THANK YOU for arranging for the fire department to be here. We love having them each year.


The Lawson Family—THANK YOU for letting us use your yard for the children’s piñata.


Anne Jones & family -THANK YOU for purchasing and organizing the piñata for the children. There were so many children this year. The shark was awesome!


Betsy Detwiler & Diane - THANK YOU for painting all of those cute faces. Great Job!


THANK YOU to the many neighbors who donated water, drinks, snacks, chili topping, ketchup, mustard and relish for the hot dogs, paper plates, cups, napkins, spoons, etc.


THANK YOU to the many neighbors who donated money to help pay for the expenses for the event.

Eve & Glynn- THANK YOU donating and cutting up the watermelon for the contest.


Brett Reeves— THANK YOU for volunteering to do the 50-50 and for helping with the watermelon contest.


The biggest THANK YOU to the many neighbors who helped set-up the evening before and for helping clean-up afterwards. I can’t THANK YOU enough for all of your help putting up and taking down the tent, bringing the tables and chairs from Hilltop House, helping Jay with the grill and anything else I may have missed. I could not have chaired this event without your help.

Some of the many Helpers:  Glynn & Eve Shoemaker, Kari Logan, Haley Logan, Keith Griffith, Brandi Mudd, Sheila & Kim Phillips, David Stenger.  If I missed anyone, please contact me with the name(s) so I can add them to the list.


Keeping the Neeld Estate traditions alive is so important to me and I hope you all created a lot of memories for you and your loved ones.

--- Dorothy Oliver, chairperson, NECA July 4th event

PARADE WINNERS: (I don't have the names of the winners)

   Most Patriotic  -  FIRE CRACKER WAGON

   Most Original  -  DRAGON

   Best Group  - HULA / ALOHA

   Environmental / Chesapeake Bay  - CRABS CART

   Best Girl - young & older  -  CRABS HAT ROLLER BLADE  & GRANDOLF


   Best Pet (4 legged) - Small, Large  - small -SCARLET,  large-FIRECRACKER DOG
est Wheels (children) - Bicycle, Wagon, Other? - TRAIN

   Best Motorized Vehicle -  CHESTER BURGESS  

   Best Golf Cart - SHARK FIN CART
   Judges Choice - HULA / ALOHA CART GROUP

PICTURES to share??  Please send them to me and ​I will post them as soon as they are received.

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