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Michael "Mike" Eugene Matullo, 68, passed away on Sunday, February 19, 2023, at his home in Palm Coast, Florida. Born on April 25, 1954, in Arlington, Virginia, to Cora Joan Fretz and the late Eugene Joseph Matullo, he graduated from Oxon Hill High School in 1972 and University of Maryland in 1977.

Mike worked construction for several companies until he persuaded his dad to go into business together, starting "Matullo and Sons." In 2008, Mike ventured out to own his own company," Matullo Construction LLC." He had great vision when it came to drawing and drafting plans. Building beautiful homes from the ground up or enhancing existing homes, he was a wonderful builder and handyman; he could do anything.

Mike loved his family and friends, and lived for the water, enjoying the beach, boating, wave running and fishing. He loved taking his daughter, stepchildren, nieces and nephews, and friends tubing off the boat, making them laugh, and always getting a big kick out of throwing them off the tube. And although always keeping him on his toes, Mike adored his time with his grandson, Damian. He also loved relaxing in the hot tub on his front porch in Huntingtown, MD, especially with his wife and when it snowed; tailgating and watching the Washington Redskins; going to concerts, especially to see his favorite group, "the Rolling Stones"; and he certainly wasn't the best, but he loved dancing.

In his recent years, while living in Florida, Mike spent most of his days on Crescent Beach or riding along the ocean, admiring the extravagant homes; going to the Brass Tap to watch the Redskins games; but most content spending time at home.

Preceded in death by his grandparents: Silvio Eugene Matullo and Ann Corrine Palgano Matullo, Samuel Stoffer Fretz, IlI and Clara Brown Heinke Fretz; brother: Matthew Bruce Matullo; aunt: Beverley McKinney Matullo and nephew: Samuel Thomas Peede.

He is survived by his wife: Sherri L. Matullo; daughter: Giorgianna Catterton (Steven Zell); grandson: Damian Catterton; stepchildren: Melanie A. Gormley and David A. Gormley (Amber); sisters: Terriann Matullo Peede (Tom), Joanne Marie Matullo, Danette Marie Matullo-Miller; and brother: Eugene Joseph Matullo, Jr.; Uncles: Richard Carmine Matullo and Donald J. Fretz; 8 nephews, 3 nieces, 13 great nephews and 8 great nieces.

A memorial ceremony will be held Saturday, April 29, 2023, at 11:00 a.m.: St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 5400 Belle Terre Parkway, Palm Coast, Florida 32137

In lieu of flowers those desiring may donate in memory of Michael E. Matullo:

Flagler County Human Society,, 1 Shelter Drive, Palm Coast, Florida 32137 
or Mayo Clinic,, 5400 San Pablo Road, South, Jacksonville, Florida 32224


To send flowers or a memorial gift to the family of Michael E Matullo please visit our Sympathy Store.!/Obituary

Michael E Matullo
April 25, 1954 - February 19, 2023

Attention Dog Walkers:
"If your dog leaves it. . . Please Retrieve it" 
SCOOP the POOP - It's A Law

Help keep our pets from polluting the Bay.  Pet Waste

is one of the major contributors to Bay pollution.  The "Mutt Mitt" Doggie Bag Dispensers have been installed, one at each of the main entrances to the beach. Hopefully this will encourage all dog walkers to pick up after their pets.

Nearly 95% of the land in Maryland drains to
the Chesapeake Bay

SIGN Kids live here.jpg

Slow Down


in the neighborhood



The new officers that were voted in at our last NECA business meeting  on Thursday, November 3, 2022.


President -  Jon Norris

1st Vice President - Chris Moore 

2nd Vice President - Jay Norris 

Secretary - Meagan Jeffries 

Treasurer - Michelle Freeman

Their term of office will begin January 1, 2023 and their very first meeting will be held on January 5, 2023 at 6:30pm at the Hilltop House.


Bags & BBQ - chaired by Eve Shoemaker & Kari Logan,  May 13, 2023 (more details to follow)

Other ??

If you are interested in chairing an event for our community please contact Eve Shoemaker.
It's always a great time when we can get together
with friends and neighbors at a FUNraiser!


The Neeld Estate community would like to thank the many
volunteers who help out all year long.

er part you play in making Neeld Estate a better place to 

live, we want you to know we appreciate your time and efforts.   
Thank You!!


NE sign 1950s.jpg
Neeld Estate sign from the 1950's
Some of the many Neeld Estate entrance signs
NE signs past.jpg



SHIRTS 90th 54.PNG

JULY 4, 2012

Christmas Party 2012 

4th of July Parade & Celebration 


A huge thank you to everyone that helped to make our annual 4th of July celebration a success.

A special THANK YOU to Meagan Jefferies and Shirley Surgent for all your hard work in organizing the festivities!  Mike & Lynn Plitt for the snow cones and Bobby Jeffries for the hotdogs - they were delicious.  And thanks to Anne Jones for the piñata. As usual the children loved the piñata AND all the candies inside, so THANK YOU!

If you took pictures please share on the Neeld Estate Facebook page.


A Big Thank You to Sue Coffey for the addition of the 
"PRIVATE BEACH" sign at the front entrance
Neeld Estate private beach.jpg

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Sand Bagging October & November 2020

TORNADO Hits Neeld Estate

August 4, 2020   Tropical Storm Isaias

                                                                        more info

NOAA Damage Summary.jpg

State Acknowledges “Massive Contamination” in Chesapeake Beach, MD

Mark Mank, a spokesman for the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) acknowledged “massive contamination” caused by the military’s use of PFAS at the Naval Research Lab - Chesapeake Bay Detachment in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland during the Navy’s RAB meeting on May 18, 2021.

Know Your Zone

Stay Safe

Find Your Evacuation Zone Today

After clicking the button above

you will be directed to the
Know Your Zone Map

All You Have To Do Is Know Your Zone

Step 1: Click the 'Find Your Zone' button 

Step 2: Enter your Address on the map,
Step 3: See your zone in the search results

Step 4: Evacuate your zone if told to do so by local officials.

At our December 2019 NECA Business Meeting a motion was put on the floor to have our meetings every other month instead of monthly.  This motion did not go through because per our By-Laws, this can only be determined/changed by the Executive Committee. That being said, I sent out an email to them (Executive Committee) and everyone agreed to have them every other month.  Below is a list of the months we will be having our meetings in 2020.  They will continue to be on the first Thursday of these months starting at 6:30 pm.


February,  April,  June,  August,  October,  December 

   Eve Shoemaker

   NECA President

janet gean book exchange.jpg

Janet Geans


OPEN for business.

Take a book or leave a book or both. No children's books please. Please be aware of latch on the right hand side, keeps the 'house's waterproof, please use.

Thank you.  ENJOY!

janet gean book exchange 2.jpg
Neeld Estate Old Cottage Photos and more
click image to view in full screen  
Neeld Estate 60's Beach Party

Please remember that the WALL along the waterfront is on Private Property.  


Calvert County Critical Area Program

What You Need To Know:
LL of Neeld Estate is in the Critical Area. . .   Every Property

A map, outlining the Critical Areas of Calvert County is posted in the Planning & Zoning Office in
Prince Frederick.

The Critical Area for Neeld Estate extends all the way to Tobacco Road. (Our community is surrounded by water)
This land is 'critical' because the health of the Bay, including the plant and animal life living in it is
impacted by what you do on your property.  


What Activities Are Regulated in the Buffer?
* No cutting or clearing is allowed without a permit.
* No structure or building is allowed without a permit.
* Grading, adding fill material, or shore erosion control methods require permits.*
* Dead trees may be removed without a permit.
* Trees posing immediate threat to a structure may be removed without a permit, but with prior Planning
   & Zoning approval.
* The lower one-third of branches on mature trees may be pruned without a permit, but with prior Planning and 
  Zoning approval.

* Invasive vines may be removed without a permit, but with prior Planning & Zoning approval.
* Maintenance of existing lawns is permitted.
* Stiff penalties are imposed for unauthorized clearing in the buffer zone.

1. What is the Critical Area?
In 1984, the Maryland General Assembly resolved to reverse the deterioration of the Bay*s environment by enacting the Chesapeake Bay Protection Act. In 2002, the Act was amended to include the Atlantic Coastal Bays. The Act required the 16 counties, Baltimore City, and 44 municipalities surrounding the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays to implement a land use and resource management program designed to mitigate the damaging impact of water pollution and loss of natural habitat, while also accommodating the jurisdiction*s future growth. The Critical Area Act recognizes that the land immediately surrounding the Bays and their tributaries has the greatest potential to affect water quality and wildlife
habitat and thus designated all lands within 1,000 feet of tidal waters or adjacent tidal wetlands as the *Critical Area.

2. Who and What does the Critical Area Act affect?
The Act affects all those who live or own property within 1,000 feet of tidal waters or tidal wetlands.
All development or use of land located within the Critical Area is affected in some way. Just because land is in the Critical Area however, does not mean it can*t be developed and used.

3. What is the Critical Area Commission and how does it affect me?
The 29-member Critical Area Commission was created by the 1984 Chesapeake Bay Protection Act to design the Critical Area Criteria which are the basis of 63 local Critical Area Programs. The Commission reviews and approves local jurisdiction Critical Area Programs and amendments to those programs. *The Commission staff reviews and comments on subdivisions, site plans, variances and other local development proposals within the Critical Area. While a State agency, the Critical Area Commission reviews and comments on development proposals within the Critical Area. Each local jurisdiction maintains sovereignty in creating, adopting, and implementing its local program in accordance with the Commission*s Criteria.

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