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Hilltop House Updates

October 23, 2021 from Sue Coffey

The Kitchen looks to be about 90% done, the cabinets were painted this week and the hardware has been replaced.  It looks like all of the counter tops & splash rails are in place.  The Bar has been put back in it's place [Yea}. All of the new screens have been installed.  I'm guessing that the next step is to finish the bathroom, which looks to be almost done.  We're hoping that maybe the cleaning crew will be able to get in to do a final cleaning sometime in early November - depending on the county passing the inspection.  Not sure when they plan to inspect - that could delay us, but everything else seems to be at a finishing state.   As soon as we know about the inspection I'll let you know.


That's all for now 


August 30, 2021 from Eve Shoemaker 

Here is an update on our Hilltop House...

They were FINALLY able to get our framing inspection which was followed last week by the insulation inspection.

Starting tomorrow the drywall will be put back up and then the painting of the walls along with the kitchen cabinets will begin.  

The plumber will come back out and hook up our dishwasher and faucets and then the new counter tops will be put in place and lastly the new wood floors will be installed.  

They are shooting for the project to be completed by the end of September!!! Yaaaaay!  

August 26, 2021
 Some news about the Hilltop House from Sue Coffey : 


Finally some good news about the Hilltop House, you remember that place where we had meetings and parties - the porch is up, the windows are in, the siding is on, the roof is finished and the gutters went up today.  As I understand it next is the inspection.  When it passes that, they will start on the inside.

  Soon I hope

That's all for now, I'll let you know when I know.


Sue Coffey

Hilltop Chairman

HILLTOP HOUSE update from Sue Coffey - July 11, 2021

Hi Folks, I guess you’re wondering what is going on with the Hilltop House - well it seems we had a glitch and all work stopped. When our electrical system was inspected, there was a question about our zoning. The inspector thought we should be commercial not residential. The powers that be decided to leave us residential, so now we have to have the inspector back to finish his job and then we can get our permit to put up the siding and finish the roof.

We have already decided and ordered the flooring and counter tops. Once the outside is finished and inspected then we will see the work go much faster [hopefully].

I’ll let you know when the outside is finished by then we should have a better time frame as to a completion date.

That’s all for now.

Sue Coffey

Hilltop Chairman

July 11, 2021

HILLTOP HOUSE update from Sue Coffey - March 21, 2021

Hi Folks,

I’m sure you’re wondering what is going on with our Hilltop House since the tornado.

Well here’s what I know up to now.

We have a brand new roof which was installed on March 3rd and the name of the color is Nickel Gray. They have ordered siding to match what is already there. There was not enough damage to the siding to replace it all, so it will be matched. All of the frame work for the new porch is in place, just waiting for the siding.

I’m sure that once the outside is completed and power restored the remodeling will really take off.

We have not been given a completion date as yet, but when we do I’ll let you know. If you have questions and you see me out with my dog, feel free to ask - I may not have an answer, but I’ll try to get one for you.

Sue Coffey

Hilltop House Chairperson 

March 21, 2021

Anne Ellis Geiger

JANUARY 20, 1932 – AUGUST 11, 2021
4th of July Parade & Celebration 2021


Our 4th of July Parade & Celebration has been a Neeld Estate community tradition for over 50 years.

A Big Thank You to Sue Coffey for the addition of the 
"PRIVATE BEACH" sign at the front entrance
Neeld Estate private beach.jpg
A few of the many Neeld Estate entrance signs
NE signs past.jpg
NE sign 1950s.jpg
Neeld Estate sign from the 1950's


President: Eve Shoemaker
1st Vice President: Danny Bauer
2nd Vice President: Brett Reeves
Secretary: Kari Logan

Treasurer: Kim Phillips

Attention Dog Walkers:
"If your dog leaves it. . . Please Retrieve it" 
SCOOP the POOP - It's A Law

Help keep our pets from polluting the Bay.  Pet Waste
is one of the major contributors to Bay pollution.  The "Mutt Mitt" Doggie Bag Dispensers have been installed, one at each of the main entrances to the beach. Hopefully this will encourage all dog walkers to pick up after their pets.

State Acknowledges “Massive Contamination” in Chesapeake Beach, MD

Mark Mank, a spokesman for the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) acknowledged “massive contamination” caused by the military’s use of PFAS at the Naval Research Lab - Chesapeake Bay Detachment in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland during the Navy’s RAB meeting on May 18, 2021.




FYI to anyone with a boat less than 26 foot


Engine/Propulsion Cut-Off Devices


On April 1, 2021 a new federal law goes into effect that requires the operator of a boat with an installed Engine Cut-Off Switch (ECOS) to use the ECOS link. The link is usually a coiled bungee cord lanyard clipped onto the operator's person, Personal Floatation Device (PFD) or clothing and the other end attached to the cut-off switch, but there are plenty of variations on the market, including electronic wireless devices. 

The law applies on all "Navigable Waters of the US".


For more information on the new law that goes into effect on 1 April 2021, click here to visit the ECOS FAQ section


The Neeld Estate community would like to thank the many volunteers who help out all year long.

Whatever part you play in making Neeld Estate a better place to live, we want you to know we appreciate your time and efforts.    Thank You!!


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Sand Bagging October & November 2020

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TORNADO Hits Neeld Estate

August 4, 2020   Tropical Storm Isaias

                                                                        more info

NOAA Damage Summary.jpg

Know Your Zone

Stay Safe

Find Your Evacuation Zone Today

After clicking the button above

you will be directed to the
Know Your Zone Map

All You Have To Do Is Know Your Zone

Step 1: Click the 'Find Your Zone' button 

Step 2: Enter your Address on the map,
Step 3: See your zone in the search results

Step 4: Evacuate your zone if told to do so by local officials.

Nearly 95% of the land in Maryland drains to
the Chesapeake Bay


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Bre Bauer's Rainbow photo April 2020
Bre Bauer's Rainbow photo April 2020

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July 4th Photos 2017
July 4th Photos 2017


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Miscellaneous Photos

Sea Nettles Probability of Encounters (Experimental)

The jellyfish often encountered in the Chesapeake Bay in the summer is the sea nettle Chrysaora chesapeakei. Knowing where and when to expect this biotic nuisance may help to alleviate an unpleasant encounter.

Unless you are in a dark purple region you may encounter your first sea nettle of 2020, unless you already have. I use this map frequently so I know whether or not I can afford to fall off the paddle board! It’s updated daily. I’ve noticed that in onshore breezes, they swim away from the shore.


At our December 2019 NECA Business Meeting a motion was put on the floor to have our meetings every other month instead of monthly.  This motion did not go through because per our By-Laws, this can only be determined/changed by the Executive Committee. That being said, I sent out an email to them (Executive Committee) and everyone agreed to have them every other month.  Below is a list of the months we will be having our meetings in 2020.  They will continue to be on the first Thursday of these months starting at 6:30 pm.


February,  April,  June,  August,  October,  December 

   Eve Shoemaker

   NECA President

If you are interested in chairing an event for our community please let Eve Shoemaker know...

it's always a great time when we can get together

with friends and neighbors at a funraiser!

janet gean book exchange.jpg

Janet Geans


OPEN for business.

Take a book or leave a book or both. No children's books please. Please be aware of latch on the right hand side, keeps the 'house's waterproof, please use.

Thank you.  ENJOY!

janet gean book exchange 2.jpg
Neeld Estate Old Cottage Photos and more
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Old Cottages
Old Cottages

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Neeld Estate Old Photos

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Old Cottages
Old Cottages

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Neeld Estate 60's Beach Party
NECA 60s party 1
NECA 60s party 1

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NECA 60s party 28
NECA 60s party 28

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NECA 60s party 4
NECA 60s party 4

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NECA 60s party 1
NECA 60s party 1

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Please remember that the WALL along the waterfront is on Private Property.