President: Eve Shoemaker
1st Vice President: Danny Bauer
2nd Vice President: Brett Reeves
Secretary: Kari Logan

Treasurer: Kim Phillips


The Neeld Estate community would like to thank the many volunteers who help out all year long.

Whatever part you play in making Neeld Estate a better place to live, we want you to know we appreciate your time and efforts.    Thank You!!


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Sand Bagging October & November 2020


TORNADO Hits Neeld Estate

August 4, 2020   Tropical Storm Isaias

                                                                        more info

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Slow Down


in the neighborhood

Nearly 95% of the land in Maryland drains to
the Chesapeake Bay

Update on DNR and the Hydraulic Clam Dredgers

The Plum Point Oyster Sanctuary runs parallel to our shore from Camp Roosevelt to Dares Beach covering over 6,000 acres. Last year clam dredgers dredged razor clams from May to October with very little patrolling by MD DNR. We had one officer for the county and they answer calls for everything from roadside deer poachers to washed up paddle boards. They were very understaffed.

This year we have a new officer. Officer Lopez. She has two officers helping her. She was unaware of last years issues with the dredgers working in and around the sanctuary which is off limits to dredge boats.

Hydraulic clam dredging is very destructive to the bay’s bottom, destroying any grasses and sending silt in huge plumes that can suffocate oysters. It is also not sustainably managed. Clam dredging, where legal, is allowed year round, seven days a week, sun up to sun down, no limit on catch, and no limit to how loud the boats can be and they are really loud!

Our sanctuary boundary begins just offshore and is poorly marked by moving markers that have not been reset in years. The boats are not allowed to dredge beyond the boundary markers. Other sanctuary boundaries run to the shore line but ours does not. This seems to be a loophole for a free for all for these boats that mostly come from the Eastern Shore where most of their clams are depleted and they are finally enforcing the new SAV (sub aquatic vegetation) zone boundaries.

MDE is going to be resetting the markers and adding new ones. If you have one as a lawn ornament and would like to give it back please let me or Officer Lopez know. They will not just go around taking them.

Officer Lopez has been patrolling and warning the boats but they continue to return and leave when they see the DNR boat leaving the marina. She would appreciate photos and videos if they prove the boat is dredging the sanctuary. That is difficult without markers in the picture. Drones are useful, especially in the case of the photo of a boat making a silt plume. Those photos are useful for showing legislators and the public an example of the environmental destruction.

There are many great and honest watermen out there and being the seafood lover I am, I appreciate them very much. However, crabs, rays and other wildlife feed on the clams and when the clams disappear so do they. It’s happened over and over in other parts of the bay.

If you want to report-

DNR Dispatch 410-295-4663

Our local officer-

Officer Lopez cell 914-912-6938

If you want to let DNR know your thoughts, please call the MD DNR Program Shellfish Division director

Chris Judy 410-260-8259

It would be great if you want to share this with friends in the other communities that are along the shore.

Thank you!

Lisa Collins

Neeld Estate 1st Annual

House Decorating Contest

July 2020

And the winners are:

1st Place - Brandi & Keith

2nd Place - Eve & Glynn

3rd Place - Brett & Maryanne


Miscellaneous Photos

Sea Nettles Probability of Encounters (Experimental)

The jellyfish often encountered in the Chesapeake Bay in the summer is the sea nettle Chrysaora chesapeakei. Knowing where and when to expect this biotic nuisance may help to alleviate an unpleasant encounter.

Unless you are in a dark purple region you may encounter your first sea nettle of 2020, unless you already have. I use this map frequently so I know whether or not I can afford to fall off the paddle board! It’s updated daily. I’ve noticed that in onshore breezes, they swim away from the shore.


At our December 2019 NECA Business Meeting a motion was put on the floor to have our meetings every other month instead of monthly.  This motion did not go through because per our By-Laws, this can only be determined/changed by the Executive Committee. That being said, I sent out an email to them (Executive Committee) and everyone agreed to have them every other month.  Below is a list of the months we will be having our meetings in 2020.  They will continue to be on the first Thursday of these months starting at 6:30 pm.


February,  April,  June,  August,  October,  December 

   Eve Shoemaker

   NECA President

If you are interested in chairing an event for our community please let Eve Shoemaker know...

it's always a great time when we can get together

with friends and neighbors at a funraiser!

Janet Geans


OPEN for business.

Take a book or leave a book or both. No children's books please. Please be aware of latch on the right hand side, keeps the 'house's waterproof, please use.

Thank you.  ENJOY!

Neeld Estate Old Cottage Photos and more
click image to view in full screen  
Neeld Estate 60's Beach Party

Please remember that the WALL along the waterfront is on Private Property.  

Attention Dog Walkers:
"If your dog leaves it. . . Please Retrieve it"  SCOOP the POOP - It's A Law
Help keep our pets from polluting the Bay.  Pet Waste
is one of the major contributors to Bay pollution.  The "Mutt Mitt" Doggie Bag Dispensers have been installed, one at each of the main entrances to the beach. Hopefully this will encourage all dog walkers to pick up after their pets.
Neeld Estate entrance.jpg


 President - Eve Shoemaker             

 1st V. President - Danny Bauer

 2nd V. President - Brett Reeves

 Secretary - Kari Logan

 Treasurer - Kim Phillips

NECA Standing Committees

Hilltop House - Sue Coffey

Roads & Drainage - Danny Bauer

Sunshine - Eve Shoemaker

Beach - Jay Geest

Membership - Pam Slaughter

Neighborhood Watch - Sandy Geest

Welcome - Eve Shoemaker

Mosquito Control - Keith Griffith

"It's volunteers that make an extra effort every day to strengthen our relationships in the community and help make Neeld Estate a wonderful place to live"



The Neeld Estate Beach is PRIVATELY OWNED by the Neeld family and can only 
be used by Residents of Neeld Estate and their Guests.  

Anyone else is TRESPASSING on Private Property 
"Violators will be prosecuted by authority of Plum Point Corp." 
(Posted on the signs leading to the beach)


The entrances to the beach are for loading and unloading your vehicle. 
Please replace the chains when you leave.

Please take the time to read the signs posted at the entrances to the beach
and please be a good neighbor and follow the rules as they are posted.
This sign was posted by Plum Point Development Corp., 

the Neeld family owns the beach)



A Beach Committee has been formed to address the issues of

trespassers parking on private property and using the beach.


Chips Towing - 410-257-6121 or 301-855-8343

Rod'n'Reel Weather Station

Chesapeake Beach, MD 


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